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Marke Jellyroll Burgstahler

[Marke Burgstahler] Marke "Jellyroll" Burgstahler has been working with the Alameda All Stars since 1985 when he was first called upon to fill the rather large shoes of former All Stars guitarists Brad Gillis (Night Ranger, Ozzy Osborne) and Danny Chauncey (.38 Special). At the time Jellyroll was already a veteran of the Bay Area club and recording studio scene.

A master slide guitar player as well as a sizzling lead soloist, Jellyroll held down the guitar position with Gregg Allman & Friends from 1990 to 1996.

In addition to acoustic and electric guitars, Jellyroll also plays mandolin, Dobro, and pedal steel guitar. And Jellyroll's soulful lead vocals add a lot of down home feelin' to the AAS's new musical mission: Celebrating the Music of Gregg Allman.

His long-time association with local rocker Johnny Gunn has led him to an ongoing part-time guitar slot with the Eddie Money Band.

Marke has recorded studio tracks with local Bay Area blues "powerhouse" Annie Sampson on her album "Under The Moon".

He has also recorded with renowned Hammond organist Deacon Jones on his album "Jonesin for Money".

He appeared on Brad Gillis's solo album "Gilrock Ranch".

You can hear Jellyroll wailing on his slide guitar on the song "Haley's Got a Harley" which is on the .38 Special album "Drive Train" and also "You're Gonna Hear From Me" on Night Ranger's album "Hole in the Sun".

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Album Credits

Night Ranger
Hole in the Sun (2007 - Frontiers Records)

.38 Special
Drive Train (2004 - Sanctuary)

Deacon Jones
Jonesin' for Money (2006 - Kent)

Yahoo BBQ
Appearing Nightly (2000 - Grille Records)

Annie Sampson
Under the Moon (1997 - Sweet Potato Records)

Brad Gillis
Gilrock Ranch (1993 - Koch Records)

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