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[Brad Gillis] Brad Gillis is best known for his role as half the dynamic guitar duo of the chart-topping band Night Ranger. Since Night Ranger's first release in 1982, Brad's mastery of the strings and whammy bar have helped lead this rocking AOR band to the top of the charts and multi-platinum sales around the world. Brad has almost twenty gold and platinum albums to his name and has appeared in over a dozen MTV and VH1 music videos. His first solo album, "Gilrock Ranch" (1993) produced the top twenty AOR single, "Honest to God," co-written and sung by the legendary Gregg Allman, while his latest release, "Alligator" (2001), has gained him even greater success. However, Gillis' guitar history began long before the break-through of Night Ranger. At the age of nineteen, Brad joined the San Francisco based funk-rock band Rubicon. Together they recorded two albums, "Rubicon" and "American Dreams", with 20th Century Fox Records. When Rubicon disbanded, Brad and two other band members, Jack Blades and Kelly Keagy, went on to form a hard rock band with the short-lived name Stereo. When the other half of the guitar duo, Jeff Watson, and keyboardist Alan "Fitz" Fitzgerald joined the ranks, Night Ranger was born. It was during this same time period that Brad became one of the founding fathers of another band - The Alameda All Stars. Staying true to its initial purpose as that of a "fun" band, the AAS has remained a part of Brad's musical life since it's inception in the summer of 1979. In the early 80's while Night Ranger was gaining public interest, heavy metal god Ozzy Osbourne also recognized the talent in Brad and for the next year he spread himself between the Osbourne sensation and the Night Ranger effort, and can be heard on lead guitar on Osbourne's "Speak of the Devil" live album. After leaving Ozzy's band, Gillis wrote, recorded and toured for almost a decade with Night Ranger, contributing to such hits as "Don't Tell Me You Love Me," "Sister Christian," "When You Close Your Eyes," and "(You Can Still) Rock in America," just to name a few. After years of being one of the top grossing touring bands of the 80's, the members of Night Ranger decided to go their separate ways in 1988, but then reformed in the late 90's and released two more albums, "Neverland" (1997) and "Seven" (1998). Brad toured with the band in support of each album, and spent the summer of 1999 headlining the "Rock Never Stops Tour" with Ted Nugent and supporting bands Quiet Riot and Slaughter.

Today Brad still tours with Night Ranger, produces and engineers on other band's studio projects, writes original music (some of which has been featured in the Tiger Wood's X-Box), scores for films and TV, and, of course, still plays, records and writes with The Alameda All Stars - the band that he helped get started a little over 25 years ago.

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Album Credits

Night Ranger
24 Strings & A Drummer: Live & Acoustic (2012 - Frontiers / Frontiers Records / Frontiers Records)
Somewhere in California (2011 - Century Media/EMI / Frontiers Records)
Rockin' Shibuya 2007 (2008 - Frontiers Records)
Rock in Japan 1997 (2008 - Universal Distribution)
Hole in the Sun (2007 - Frontiers)
Night Ranger Live (2007 - KRB Music)
Rock in Japan: Greatest Hits Live (1999 - Cleopatra)
Seven (1998 - CMC International)
Rock in Japan (1998)
Keep Rockin': Best Selection 97-98 (1998)
Neverland (1997 - Sony)
Feeding off the Mojo (1995 - Drive Archive)
I Did it for Love (1991 - Camel)
Live in Japan (1990 - MCA)
Night Ranger's Greatest Hits (1989 - Camel)
Man in Motion (1988 - Camel)
Big Life (1987 - MCA)
7 Wishes (1985 - Camel)
Midnight Madness (1983 - Camel)
Dawn Patrol (1982 - Camel)

Ozzy Osbourne
Speak of the Devil (1982 - Jet)
Talk of the Devil (1982 - Jet)

Brad Gillis
Alligator (2001 - Pony Canyon Records)
Gilrock Ranch (1993 - Koch Records)

American Dreams (1980 - 20th Century)
Rubicon (1978 - 20th Century)

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